Pictured Steve Smith and Chuck Seaver

Steve Smith, President of Housing for All of Lake County, was the guest speaker at the noon meeting of the Clermont Kiwanis Club.

Smith described the Houseing for All of Lake County as a housing non profit group of advocates for more affordable housing for local workers, seniors, and the disabled living in Lake CountyThe availability of affordable homes iin Lake County is a growing problem that needs to be addressed now.

He pointed out that for the past 13 years, elected officials have diverted more than $2 billion earmarked for non-housing purposes. However, because of the statewide grassroots campaign in each community, the State’s elected officials have fully funded the much needed Sadowski Housing Trust Fund this year..

Smith pointed out that there are over 500 seniors living on social security in Clermont, and 37% of the workers in Clermont pay over 30% of their income for housing.  The cost of new homes in south Lake County are over $200,000 and a typical 2 bedroom apartment cost approximately $1,500 per month.  Housing for All of Lake County is advocating for cities and Lake County to ease the barriers that would allow more affordable housing and waive the extraordinary high fees that contributes to the increased housing costs in Lake County.

In Lake County impact fees are approaching $25,000 per home, whereas many of the neighboring counties and their cities are waiving these impact fees to create more affordable housing.  Smith encouraged the Kiwanians to visit the Housing for All Lake County Facebook page and read articles on what other communities are doing to create more affordable housing.

The availability of affordable homes iin Lake County is a growing problem that needs to be addressed now.

At the completion of his presentation, President Charles/Chuck Seaver thanked Steve Smith for his informative presentation and presented him with a Kiwanis Club pin.


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