Summertime is a great time to reminisce about the family gatherings you used to have.  What were your favorite dishes your mother used to make?  What did Aunt Sally bring to the table and what was that secret rub Great Grandpa put on his smoked ribs.  While we are stuck at home is a great time to put together a family heirloom.

Collect the recipes that have been passed down for generations. If possible, scan the old handwritten recipe card that your grandmother used over and over again. Gather pictures and stories from other relatives to make special one-of-a-kind family recipe books.  Get a pedigree chart and fill out some family members along with a family group sheet.

Everyone will want to know who great grandma’s grandkids were. If you need some help with putting together a family tree please come visit Pastfinders of South Lake County, your local Genealogical Society. You can reach us via email info@PastfindersSLC.Org if you would like assistance or click on the Helpful Links tab at  for more information.

Genealogy is more than just names and dates. It is who your family is, where they came from and how they lived their lives. Researching your family lineage is a rewarding and exciting hobby.  Be part of an adventure of a lifetime. “Like” PastfindersofSL on Facebook.

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