Have you ever wondered about your family history?  How did you come to live in the United States? Who was your first relative to arrive on the shores? Where did they come from? and Why did they leave their homeland? These are just some of the reasons that people research their family lineage. Maybe you took a DNA test and you don’t understand how to trace your line so the DNA match results make sense to you. Well, it all starts with what you already know. Who your parents, aunts and uncles were, where did they live, When and where were they born?  who were their parents, where and when were they born and died?  Now that you have gathered this information you can put it all on a family group sheet or a pedigree chart. What, you don’t know what that is?

Then attend Pastfinders Free Beginner Genealogy Course on Zoom that will teach you the fundamentals of researching family history. Send an email requesting a spot in the Wednesday, August 5th and 19th session or the September 2nd  and 26th course.

It is best to attend both classes to fully understand the process; classes Run from 1 pm to 3 pm. To get the zoom link email that you are interested in this program to info@PastfindersSLC.org and check out the website for more upcoming Special Interest Groups and speakers https://pastfindersslc.org/ 

Pastfinders of South Lake County Genealogical Society is your hometown connections to finding out more about your family tree.

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