The Lake County Board of County Commissioners on Aug.11 discussed strategies for the most effective and impactful distribution of additional Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding to be received to assist more businesses and residents in Lake County.

Lake County has already received $16 million in CARES funding that will be deployed directly to impacted small businesses, while an additional $2 million in state and federal dollars are to be deployed to assist residents with rental, mortgage and utility needs. Another $48 million in CARES funding is to be allocated to Lake County in the coming months.

Through the Lake CARES Small Business Assistance Grant Program, the County will begin accepting applications the week of Aug. 17 from for-profit and non-profit small businesses in Lake County for the $16 million in CARES funding received. Applicants can pre-register at

The Coronavirus Relief Fund Housing Assistance Program began accepting applications on Aug. 10 for the $2 million to be allocated for individuals and families with past due rental, mortgage, and utility bills, with funding of up to $3,000 per household to be provided. Applications can be submitted at

The County is preparing the plan on how to most effectively allocate the additional $48 million in CARES Act funding to reach as many segments of the community as possible within the Federal and State parameters. The focus is on assisting more businesses and residents, while also potentially providing workforce and education assistance, enhancing EMS communications infrastructure and assisting local governments. The Board will discuss the spending plan at its Aug. 25 meeting in anticipation of accessing the additional $48 million in the fall.

“We are all spending significant time evaluating how we might leverage the State and Federal dollars to the greatest extent possible to support Lake County businesses and residents,” said District 3 Commissioner Wendy Breeden. “The impacts for some have been so significant, and we want the funding to help get our businesses and families back on their feet.”

Step-by-step instructions, frequently asked questions, and eligibility criteria, are available at to help guide applicants through the process. Additionally, the CARES Act program helpline is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at (352) 268-9299.


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