Clermont DNF Medical Center Staff

Feature Story and Photos by Larry H. Oskin

DNF Medical Centers recently opened a new medical facility in Clermont. It offers an array of Primary Care, Acupuncture, Cardiology, and Platelet-Rich Plasma treatments targeted to help the diverse Clermont community. DNF Medical Centers offers doctors and medical professionals who share a unique combination of eastern and western medical care. Their talented medical staff takes pride in helping others feel better.

Clermont DNF Medical Center

Premium In-House Service Treatments: DNF Medical Centers are a well-respected health care institution in Central Florida, serving the Orange, Osceola, Lake and Seminole Counties with state-of-the-art medical facilities and top-notch primary medical care treatments. Besides being available as your Primary Care resource, this full-service facility offers complete in-house laboratory services with Ultrasounds, X-Rays, Echo-Cardiogram, Vascular Studies, antibiotics, electrocardiograms, Dehydration, and Minor Surgeries. They also offer injectable Botox, VelaShape III, HydraFacial, and Juvederm treatments as well as some intravenous treatments. A Prescription Dispensary is available for the convenience of its patients.

Acupuncture is one of the Center’s most popular treatments for arthritis, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, improved blood circulation, emotional development, headaches, immune system challenges, muscular aches, pain, paralysis, respiratory problems, spinal conditions, and more.

DNF Wellness Center provides aesthetic procedures such as injectables, body contouring, cupping, and weight management therapies.

Angel Roman Munoz, MD

Dr. Angel O. Roman Munoz, MD: As lead physician for this Clermont facility, Dr. Roman was born in Puerto Rico. He first studied biology and microbiology technology for his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo. He earned his Doctorate in Medicine degree from the Iberoamerican University in the Dominican Republic. Roman first worked in general practice as well as for emergency room and outpatient services for 8 years. He first moved to the Panama City area here in the USA as a Medical Director for a prison, before moving here to the Orlando area. Dr. Roman is fluent in English and Spanish. He is certified to practice in areas of critical need, by the Florida Department of Health. His vast medical experiences in Florida as a Primary Care Physician and Site Medical Director make him a valuable asset for the Clermont office. He also now supervises complete medical care for all DNF locations. Roman adds, we live and work by our slogan: “We Are Committed To Your Health & Happiness!”

Vladimir Valdes, AP

Vladimir Valdés, Acupuncture Physician: Valdés was born in Cuba. He is part of the fourth-generation health professionals in the family. He began his studies of internal medicine at the Cuban School of Medicine. He also developed a taste for martial arts, which won him numerous championships. This new passion allowed him to learn about alternative treatments like acupuncture. At the time, Valdes was the only physician willing to apply such methods in conjunction with traditional medicine. He studied Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese acupuncture therapies to develop his own specialties with a combination of Eastern and Western medicine. When he graduated from medical school, drugs were actually very scarce in his country. This situation allowed Valdés to practice alternative medicine. He relocated to the USA in 1996 where he first worked as a technician in pathology for a dermatology center in Orlando. Once established, he decided to re-take his passion. He received his advanced degree, license, and certifications in acupuncture in the state of Florida.

Valdés notes, “The combination of Eastern and Western treatments allows me and our team to offer you a more healthy and natural treatment with less prescriptive medicines. With the high costs of prescriptive drugs, many of our patients have been making a very positive switch to natural homeopathy treatments for solutions to their health, wellness, and medical challenges.“

DNF Founder: Recently passed in the fall, Dr. Norberto Fleites founded all of DNF Medical Centers. He was dedicated to providing his patients with the best possible and most affordable care. After moving to the United States from Cuba to open his own medical practice facility, Fleites found his calling in serving the Central Florida community. He opened his practice here in 2003 in Orlando Florida, where he aimed to enhance the quality of life for community members of Central Florida.

 Wellness Center Extras: With COVID-19, the Center has limited some of its activities with safe social distancing. It now offers therapeutic exercise workshops, Zumba and Tai Chi classes on designated weekdays from 10:30 am to 11:30 am. DNF will soon start a complimentary Fitness Club that will meet every Tuesday. All of these activities are free and open to the community with pre-registrations. DNF is already very involved in South Lake area charitable programs and community activities. They recently offered free photos for children with Santa. The facility will work through the year on food drives for needy families. DNF  joined the South Lake Chamber of Commerce and looks to get more involved in helping the community with more programs and educationally-based workshops in the future.

The center offers free transportation services that will pick their patients up for a scheduled appointment.

The Clermont DNF Medical Center is open Monday to Thursday – 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Friday – 8:30 to 4:00 pm. and are currently closed on Saturdays & Sundays.

Clermont DNF Medical Center: For more information, a complimentary tour or to make an appointment, call:321-235-6230,  visit 703 East Highway 50, Clermont. Visit their website at and on Facebook at

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