Lincoln Park South Lake Alliance proposes a Center for Education, Arts and Sports (CEAS) Center for South Lake County and below is the reason why.

Clermont Elementary School Holds Historic Value: It all began on Martin Luther King Day, January 21, 2019, when a few Pastors, community leaders, and residents discussed the closing of Clermont Elementary School. Clermont Elementary is geared to close in 2023, as the school transitions to the new Aurelia McKinney Cole Academy.

Clermont Elementary

Clermont Elementary is a school that holds a lot of sentimental value for the surrounding community originally called Lincoln Park.  Before integration, it was the school where the African American students attended school.  Not only does the school hold historical sentimental value but can benefit the community and south Lake County as a CEAS Education Center.  The CEAS Education Center and its programs would be a great asset to the underserved, unemployed, underemployed, and underprivileged.

From January 2019 to now, the Alliance has had meetings with the Lake County School Board, Commissioner Parks, the Clermont City Council members, Dr. Culpepper of Lake Tech College, the Boys and Girls Club, the Clermont Police Department, community leaders and residents.

In June of 2020, they became a 501c3 organization under the name of Lincoln Park South Lake Alliance.  The mission, ” Building community through creativity, collaboration, and access to life-changing opportunities in South Lake County.”  The CEAS Education Center is the heart of LPSLA and will touch many lives through Educational programs, Employment Training, and Entrepreneurship.

Some of the programs the Center would offer:

Reading, Computer, and Financial Literacies, GED / Career Readiness Training (Resume writing, Mock Interviews, Dress for Success), Tutoring, Mentorship, VPK/Early Learning Classes (suggested by Lake County School Board), Parent Academy, Vocational -Technical classes, Health and Wellness, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), Health and Wellness, Social services, and counseling, to name a few.

The CEAS Education Center can help fill gaps in the educational system, empower those who have a need to gain or upgrade their skills, and provide career readiness through Lake Tech College and other partnerships.

It is the hope of the Alliance to partner with other non-profits to bring diverse services to the Education Center and provide opportunities to increase educational levels and work skills in a safe, supportive, and purposeful environment.

This Great endeavor will provide quality support as the residents of South Lake County are empowered through this Center for Education, Arts and Sports Center.

“We value feedback from the community and urge all South Lake residents to participate in the survey,” said Sharon Keys, president of the Lincoln Park South Lake Alliance.

The survey will gauge the public’s interest in a new community education center for residents to connect and develop skills and knowledge through education, job readiness, vocational training, arts and recreation.

The deadline to complete the two-minute, 10 question survey is March 31.  Go to the Alliance’s website at or directly at

Remember to complete the survey by March 31 and show your interest and support.


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