Pastfinders of South Lake would like to announce this year’s conference registration is NOW open to the public. This conference will be virtual, with 3 phenomenal lecturers, a Brick Wall workshop, and 6 amazing prizes that will be randomly distributed during the conference. The Pastfinders is based out of Clermont. They are a small genealogical society who provides educational programming, preserve local history and purchase books for the genealogy room at Cooper Memorial Library. Your conference fees and membership dues provide Pastfinders with the opportunity to serve the community of South Lake County.

The eConference will take place on June 5, 2021. The charge to join the conference starts at $18.00 and will increase to $23.00 on May 4th.  Early bird rates will only be available for a brief period of time so register today.

eConference hours: 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. EST.

The Brick wall workshop might include your personal brick wall issues.

Descriptions & Speaker Bio
Diana Elder: ~ Researching and Writing about Skeletons in the Family History Closet
We all have them: ancestor stories that tend to be hushed up: illegitimate children, desertion, abuse, mental illness, etc. How do we discover the facts and what do we do when our family history research uncovers something unexpected? Recording these kinds of details can be difficult. We’ll explore ways to tell our ancestor’s story with integrity and kindness.

Diana Elder with FamilyLocket.comis an Accredited Genealogist professional, author, and speaker. A Member of the National Genealogical Society, and the Association of Professional Genealogist. Writer of book, Research Like a Pro: A Genealogist’s Guide  and Creator of the “Research Like a Pro” study group and e-Course to help researchers put the RLP process into practice.

Mary Kircher Roddy: ~Not Who He Once Was: Tips for Finding Your Name-Changing Ancestor – Do you have an ancestor or relative who just disappeared?  Or one who seems to have been deposited by aliens, with no background here on earth? Perhaps his story involved a complete change of name.  Using case studies of identity shifts, learn strategies to discover who the young man became in later life, or who Great-grandpa was “before you got to know him.”

New presentation by Mary Kircher Roddy. She is a professional genealogist and Certified Public Accountant in Seattle. She tackles genealogy research and education in the same logical way she’d approach an accounting problem. She has lectured nationally and internationally and written for numerous genealogical publications, including the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, NGS Magazine, Family Chronicle Magazine and Internet Genealogy, as well as society publications across the US. She currently serves as APG Treasurer.

Gena Philibert-Ortega: ~Solving Your Brick Wall (2-partworkshop)
We begin part one of this workshop with some tips for solving brick wall problems. Types of brick walls we will cover include pre-1850 ancestors and common surnames, and same name individuals. We will also go over resources every researcher should know. In the 2nd part of our workshop, we will look at participant’s brick walls and suggest a research plan to help go from being stuck to solved. (Registered participants will be provided with a submission form)

Gena Philibert-Ortega is an author, researcher, and instructor whose focus is genealogy, social and women’s history. Her published works include two books, numerous articles published in magazines and online, as well as four editions of the Tracing Your Ancestors series from Morsehead Publishing. She is the editor of the Utah Genealogical Association’s magazine, Crossroads. Her writings can be found on her blogs, Gena’s Genealogy and Food.Family.Ephemera as well as the Genealogy Bank and Legacy Webinars blogs. She is a course instructor for The National Institute for Genealogical Studies. Her current research includes women’s repatriation and citizenship in the 20th century, foodways and community in fundraising cookbooks, and women’s material culture.

Visit https://PastfindersSLC.Org to Register for the eConference

Join the Pastfinders for their May 13th Pastfinders presentation.

This includes society announcements, speaker presentations from 6-7 pm, and live Q&A at the end.

May 13th, 2021. 5:30 – 7:30 PM Free Presentation on Zoom

Cari Taplin: Using Timelines and Tables to Analyze your Research

In-depth and difficult research tasks, create large amounts of data to compare and analyze. Discover analysis methods using tables and timelines to solve problems.
Topics included:

Introduction of analysis techniques including examples of timelines and tables

  • Creating a timeline
  • use a variety of tools such as word processor, spreadsheets, timeline software
  • finding historical timelines online to enhance yours
  • timeline tips and tricks – color coding, footnotes/citations
  • using timelines to separate individuals of the same/similar name
  • Creating tables
  • use a variety of tools such as word processor or spreadsheets
  • discuss the endless variety of tables that could be created (document comparisons)
  • tables for organizing research notes
  • demonstration of using a table to corroborate data to determine a mother’s maiden name
  • Case study examples demonstrating timelines and tables
  • Census compilation example
  • Angeline Mitchell’s maiden name
  • Sorting obituary data in a table
  • Using a timeline to solve two men, one name problem

Registration link:

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