By Marty Proctor

Mascotte Coffee With A Cop was held on November 11 from 9-11 am.  The event was held at The Rainbow Restaurant, 704 E Myers Blvd.,Mascotte and hosted by owner Linda Johnson.

The Rainbow Restaurant owner Linda Johnson.

Many of the Mascotte Police Department (MPD) attended along with a broad cross-section of the public.  Notable attendees included former councilperson Sally Rayman and former mayor Barbara Krull.

Former councilmember Sally Rayman with Mascotte Police Chief Eric Pedersen

Chief Eric Pedersen stated, “this is a great opportunity to interact with the public, addressing the issues or concerns they have or get an opportunity to just speak.”

Officer Kenia Abreu added, “I feel that we are impacting the community and we are doing an excellent job just trying to reach out to the public.  This is one of those events where we are just trying to be vulnerable and let people know that this is who we are.”

The event was well attended with about 30 community members coming and going throughout the 2 hours.  These events will continue on a regular basis.  The public is welcome to contact the MPD through 352-429-3393 or email the Chief at or or follow Mascotte Police Department on FaceBook or on the internet at

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