Back Row (left to right):  Bobbi Holmes (Kiwanis); Olivia Clinton (4th Grade); Thom Battisto (Kiwanis); Samuel Radke (5th Grade); Aideen Patrick (4th Grade); Lucas Rojas (5th Grade); Amy Lowry (Lower School Principal) Center Row (left to right): Sarah Radke (3rd Grade); Deborah Seda-Selgado (2nd Grade); Lucas Zubi (2nd Grade); Natalie Prestan (1st Grade); Avi Lall (3rd Grade); Ryan Hickey (5th Grade); Britain Pax Miller (4th Grade) Front Row (left to right):  Aubrey Delgado (1st Grade); Scarlett Pun (Kindergarten); Logan Williams (PreK-4); LilyAnn Brenneman (Kindergarten); Carter Nwogu (PreK-3)

submitted by Chuck Seaver, president of the Kiwanis Club of Clermont

Congratulations to the Real Life Christian Academy’s Terrific Kids for December!

Olivia Clinton (4th Grade), Samuel Radke (5th Grade), Aideen Patrick (4th Grade), Lucas Rojas (5th Grade).

Sarah Radke (3rd Grade), Deborah Seda-Selgado (2nd Grade), Lucas Zubi (2nd Grade), Natalie Prestan (1st Grade), Avi Lall (3rd Grade), Ryan Hickey (5th Grade), Britain Pax Miller (4th Grade)

Aubrey Delgado (1st Grade), Scarlett Pun (Kindergarten), Logan Williams (PreK-4), LilyAnn Brenneman (Kindergarten), Carter Nwogu (PreK-3)

Terrific Kids is a Kiwanis-sponsored program that supports character building and recognizes students for modifying their behavior to become the best of who they are.

A big thank you to Ritter’s Frozen Custard and Chick-fil-A for your continued support of our Terrific Kids programs.

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