K-9 Office Pike, A retired hero

The Clermont Police Department

At the Clermont City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 10, Clermont Police Chief Charles Broadway addressed the council regarding its hero:

“K-9 Pike has been with the Clermont Police Department since July of 2015. During his seven years with the agency, K-9 Pike has been partnered with his handler, Corporal Gustafson. Together they have honorably served the community by responding to over 4,000 calls for service, with about 200 deployments in an effort to protect the community.  

Over the course of their career, K-9 Pike and Corporal Gustafson have logged over 2,000 hours of advanced training, always maintaining their state certification in obedience, narcotic detection and criminal apprehension. While serving our community, K-9 Pike has been instrumental in several criminal apprehensions keeping our community safe from armed violent felony offenders, individuals committing burglaries or stealing cars, and drug dealers.

However, it should be known, that at one point in his career, K-9 Pike thought he worked for our Traffic Unit. One evening, K-9 Pike noticed Corporal Gustafson working an accident scene and thought he may need some help. So K-9 Pike managed to roll down the window in their SUV and self-deployed in an effort to come to his partner’s aid. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a traffic vest to fit him so his services wasn’t needed.

As with anyone, K-9 Pike wanted to end his career with an opportunity to make an impact. On his last day of service, he responded to a residential burglary in progress. K-9 Pike was deployed on a perimeter position and able to successfully watch the house until the call was figured out. It’s moments like these that highlight the importance of a K-9 program.

Corporal Gustafson and K-9 Pike have been instrumental in our patrol efforts for the citizens of Clermont, always willing to sacrifice their well-being for the better of the community. Over the course of K-9 Pike’s career, he has become a trusted member of our agency and will be missed. He has earned the right to be called a retired officer of the Clermont Police Department.

“K-9 Pike, you have done your job. Now go out and enjoy retirement catching them squirrels and eating your steaks.”

Clermont Police K-9 Officer Pike has worked apprehending suspects in Clermont for more than seven years.  He and his partner, Corporal Jeremy Gustafson, have responded to more than 4,000 calls with 200 deployments in their service to Clermont.  In retirement, K-9 Pike will live with Corporal Gustafson. Notice has been given to the squirrels who live in their neighborhood!

K-9 Office Pike, Thank you for your service to the community. Wishing our community hero many, many years of retirement bliss.

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