MARISKA CALLAWAY "Acceptance" This mural is about people coming together, a community and accepting people for their differences.

The deadline to submit an application for Mural Application Phase 3, the final phase, is due January 15, 2023. Local artists that are interested in submitting artwork to be considered for Minneola’s Murals on The Trail Project should visit the Minneola Artworx website.

The theme is Community. There are approximately 8 panels left. The panels measure approximately 15’x9’. Artists are encouraged to visit the site to get a feel for the size of the project, the “canvas” being used, and the area being painted.

The Murals on The Trail will be placed at the overpass to US Highway 27 on the South Lake Trail (approximately ½ mile west of Minneola Trailhead Park on the South Lake Bike Trail.) Minneola Artworx will supply primer, paint and sealer. Artists will be responsible for providing brushes, tools, etc.

Read the guidelines carefully. Some previous submissions that looked amazing were simply disqualified because they did not meet the criteria for the project or FDOT’s qualifications. Remember to explain how the art piece relates to the main theme of the project – Community. 

Once an artist’s work is selected and completed, the artist will be compensated $500. Visit the Minneola Artworx website;

Below are a few of the pieces along the Minneola section of the South Lake Trail.
“Relax, Ride & Reflect” – This mural is designed to highlight some of the many relaxing features found in Minneola and the surrounding area of Clermont as well as things those in the community can enjoy as they expand the boundaries elsewhere. The goal is to encourage families and friends of the community to enjoy more quality time relaxing outside, riding and reflecting on the good things in life……
HELEN WORTHEN (Grassy Lake Elementary)
The name of my mural is “Friends In A Forest.” My design represents people from all around the world coming together and becoming friends. After they become friends they take a walk in the woods. What my design means to me is that people don’t care about where you come from, what you dress like, how you speak, or your religion. They care about you for who you really and truly are.
AVA CIARDI “Where We Are All United” This piece was inspired by community and the people in it. The design represents unity with all people within a community. The trees in the background represent the beautiful scenery in Minneola. What my piece means to me is strength within one community and the different people at its foundation.
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