Jean Paul Charron and children Celebrate 100th Birthday 3-23

Article and Photos by Marty Proctor, South Lake Tablet

The 101st anniversary of the founding of Groveland was held at Lake David Park. The celebration included skiing, music, food, fun, and the birthday of Jean-Paul Charron, a World War II veteran and long-time Groveland resident.

Founders Day Celebration

Family, friends, and nearby neighbors were on hand to hear stories of Charron’s adventures in the war and the changes over his time both on Earth and in Groveland.

Jean Paul and Jason Brown Celebrate Veterans’ 100th Birthday

The Groveland Historical Museum had Howard King speak on the Villa City area north of downtown. Jason Brown led a walking tour around downtown Groveland highlighting the families behind and the histories of the individual buildings and city. Jason’s family has been in the Groveland area since before 1922. Local author and historian Doris Bloodsworth was a tour participant as well.

The Great Groveland Barefoot Laps Challenge was held. Some of the featured participants were Mark Donahue of Oklawaha who has participated all 3 years.

Eventual Winner Jon DeBelak Congratulated after his winning run 3-23

Jon DeBelak completed 9+ laps at speeds starting at 42 MPH and dropping to 26. Jon noted, “I was able to continue down to 22 MPH yesterday but the water was a little rougher today.” Upon spotting contestants Haven Knuth and Eli Carson of Tampa, he encouraged them saying, “you have a distinct advantage in weight-to-foot size ratio. Look at those feet!”  

Haven Knuth and Age Group Winner Eli Carson 3-23

Great Barefoot Laps Challenge winners:

  • Best Crash, Christina Nadalin

Most Laps:

  • 16 and under –  Eli Carson
  • 17-34 –  Logan Walter 
  • 35-49 Lance Smith
  • 50-64, Jon DeBelak
  • 65+, Frankie Ruff

Duncan YoYo professionals were on hand to share their YoYo skills and knowledge as well.

Music played from the Lake David Bandstand featuring Randall Crawford and Rob Nichols along with many other local and international bands.

Barefoot Take Off with family supporters

Participants are encouraged to follow the City’s Facebook page @CityofGroveland for updates.

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