City of Groveland – Groveland’s public safety and public works staff were out in force Wednesday after Tuesday’s hailstorm that saw nearly baseball-size hail pummel the Lake County city. Deputy Fire Chief Erich Thiemann said that Groveland fire and police departments began immediately surveying the damage as soon as the storm subsided. Lake County Emergency Management officials said they believe Groveland experienced a microburst or straight-line wind event Tuesday afternoon.

Groveland was pelted with large-sized hailstones

“We secured a private radio channel with Lake County Dispatch so that the units could call in downed powerlines, trees blocking roadways and other structural damage,” Thiemann said.

The City reported several large trees were downed along with minor flooding and some power outages, in addition to other damage.

Division Fire Chief Josh Walsh helped rescue three kittens who were trapped under a building where water and hail were flooding in. Thiemann said that Walsh stopped his vehicle when he saw people struggling to reach the cats. Walsh was able to rescue the kittens and then turned them over to the bystanders who agreed to take care of the kittens.

Cleanup crews were out early Wednesday sweeping the streets from the heavy debris stripped from the trees, as the City braced for other storms forecasted for this week.

Use extreme caution while traveling throughout the city after storms. Downed powerlines can be deadly. Assume every downed tree may involve a powerline.

For community members who are still clearing their areas of fallen debris, continue to place all vegetative debris curbside. Curbside removal crews have been hauling debris and will continue to service these areas until all debris has been cleared.
According to the Groveland Public Safety evaluation, there have been no reports of injuries. 
Groveland damages included downed trees, broken windows, flooding on various streets, and localized power outages.
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