Guru Indian Restaurant will soon be celebrating 9 years of success here in Clermont, Florida! They have been proudly serving the finest authentic Indian cuisine in Central Florida since 1990. Guru Indian Restaurant offers you a unique local experience fine dining. Founded by Master Chef Uday Kadam, he launched his South Lake restaurant as he felt Clermont was the very best community in Central Florida for a quality Indian food emporium. Kadam knows some people are confused on what to order in any Indian restaurant. Kadam offers a simple gourmet-style restaurant, specializing in Northern Indian foods. He shares his advice and recommendations to help you and your family enjoy the best Indian dining experiences.

Most Popular Entrees: Several flavorful and light Indian chicken dishes were first popularized in England restaurants, before coming to American restaurants. Kadam notes the two most popular Indian dishes are Butter Chicken and Chicken Masala. Butter Chicken is offered with boneless pieces of fresh white chicken breast tikka, cooked with a special butter sauce, served in a creamy tomato base over Basmati rice. Chicken Tikka Masala is first marinated with fresh yogurt, creams and spices for 24 hours. Chicken Masala is personalized and cooked fresh for each diner. It gets served with bite-sized boneless chicken breast pieces after being cooked in the Tandoor clay oven with a light tomato sauce, onions, aromatic herbs and spices.


The most popular Indian Beef entrees include Beef Saag Wala and Lamb Korma. Beef Saag Wala is prepared with succulent pieces of premier quality Angus beef cooked with spinach, and sauteed with onions while being flavored with fresh coriander, herbs and spices. Served over Basmati rice, there are no nuts or fat. Lamb Korma offers you a mild dish with boneless pieces of tender leg of lamb simmered in a rich, yet light cream sauce before serving. Lamb Rogan Josh is a specialty entrée from Kashmir. This boneless leg of lamb dish is made in a savory rich sauce and a blend of select spices. Lamb Korma is served with tender pieces of boneless leg of lamb simmered in a rich cream sauce.

The most popular seafood dishes are Fish Curry Madras, Lobster Masala and Shrimp Korma. Fish Curry Madras is made with Mahi Mahi cooked in a special flavorful red mustard sauce with mustard seeds and curry leaves. Lobster Masala is a healthy portion of lobster meat, cooked in a fresh masala sauce with herbs and spices. Shrimp Korma offers you cooked shrimp in a rich creamy sauce.

Many people enjoy Biryani specialty dishes served with chicken, beef, lamb, shrimp and vegetables. Guru Biryani is another delicious combination of lamb, chicken and shrimp dish flavored with herbs and spices, cooked with Basmati rice. Most Indian restaurant diners prefer cream-based sauces, yet you can select different Indian entrees with an array of sauces that you enjoy. Most cream sauces are made with caramelized onions.

There will always be plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on Indian restaurant menus. Palak Sabji Dal and Paneer Makhni are two of the most popular. Palak Sabji Dal is prepared with fresh spinach, mixed carrots, peas, cauliflower and cabbage vegetables while being cooked with lentils, herbs and spices. This popular Indian dish is moist, saucy, and served over rice. Chef Kadam personally created this entrée in India for the Dalai Lama. Paneer Makhni is made with homemade cheese cooked in an array of spices and herbs with tomatoes in a creamy sauce. This dish is similar to Butter Chicken, yet it is a vegetarian dish made with dairy products.

The Guru Difference: Every Guru Indian Restaurant dine-in experience is started with a complimentary appetizer of Pappadam chips, served with onion and sweet mango chutney as a welcoming gift. While each lunch and dinner entrée is personally spiced for each person’s desire, you can select mild, medium, hot or very hot when ordering. Side orders include Basmati rice, rice pilaf, homemade yogurt, Raita whipped yogurt with vegetables, mixed chutney, achar spiced pickles, extra sauces, pappadam, steamed vegetables, assorted chutneys, French fries and a large assortment of freshly made clay oven Indian naan breads. To enhance any meal, domestic and Indian beers as well as a large variety of house and brand wines are available as well as Indian Chai Tea. For dessert, Guru offers a variety of popular homemade mango and pistachio flavored ice creams, Gulab Jamun and Ras Malai. They offer a special Children’s Menu with simple chicken fingers, and Indian-style pizzas.

Chef Uday Kadam notes, “You are invited to take your time, making each dining experience memorable with friends, co-workers and family. In India, fine dining out at a restaurant can take up to three enjoyable hours. Here in America, most restaurant diners don’t have that kind of patience.”

Business Meetings, ToGo, Delivery & Catering: Guru Indian Restaurant started to give away free bottles of wine and beer during the pandemic with ToGo pick-up orders. Now having given away thousands of bottles of free wine and beer beverages with takeout orders, they still successfully maintain a full restaurant. Whether you are celebrating Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, showers, business meetings or any special occasion, Kadam Uday and his Guru Restaurant team are always ready to make your event extra special. They proudly serve very generous portions of the finest quality foods available, with enough savory extras often going home for a second meal.

Guru’s Indian Restaurant in Clermont is a beautifully adorned Indian-styled environment with artwork, fresh flowers, sculptures, and aromatic scents. With plenty of extra outdoor seating, they have a staff ready to shower you with freshly created foods, tasty drinks, and personalized service. They are now open from 11:30 AM 7 days a week for lunches and dinners with Monday through Saturday hours until 9 PM and until 6 PM on Sundays. Walk-ins and reservations are always welcome. Located at 2400 US Highway 27, Suite 101 in Clermont, FL 34711. Call 352-241-9884 or visit and Like and follow them on Facebook at:

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