The original Salt Shack, located in Tampa.

Salt Shack, located at 846 West Osceola Street, was formerly known as Lilly’s on the Lake. The building was constructed in 2015 as a restaurant. In 2021, City Staff received complaints of distasteful events held at the restaurant. The City Council, on January 24, 2022, found the property owner and permittee had violated the City Code, the Florida Fire Prevention Code, and the Conditional Use Permit Resolution. As a result of the violations, the restaurant operations was only to operate within the confines of the existing building; outdoor activities including outdoor music were restricted on the premises for one year. 

The Salt Shack is currently under a new leasee and will occupy the restaurant and property. The company has experience with a successful waterfront restaurant in Tampa and they would like to be able to use the full potential of the current property for outdoor dining. The restaurant will provide background music; Musical events will not be offered. The restaurant has been gutted and is being brought up to code.  They plan to open as soon as possible.  For more information on the Salt Shack visit

Johnsons Village Marketplace, located at 550 West Avenue at the northwest corner of Minneola Avenue and West Avenue, will be opening soon. A sign facing West Avenue and another facing Minneola Avenue will beckon visitors to the new marketplace.
Johnsons Village Marketplace will offer fresh and fun food experiences for the whole family. The spacious, air-conditioned barn is set within a large plaza with umbrella-shaded tables. Across the courtyard are Airstream food trailers for quick and tasty bites and the Cider Shack, which offers refreshing beer, wine, cider, and other beverages that pair with the market’s selections of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, pastas, and more. Featured – Free Wi-Fi, and even a self-serve dog wash station named “Dirty Dogs Done Dirt Cheap” 


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