The South Lake Tablet welcomes its newest member Audrey Davis, a student at Pinecrest Lakes Academy. Audrey says, “I became interested in journalism as a result of my interest in photography.  I feel that a single photo can tell a story but I love finding the right words to leave even more of an impression.”
She continues, “There are always new stories to be told and I would love to do so from a professional standpoint.” 
Journalism is something that she hopes to pursue as a career. Audrey is planning to attend college in Florida in order to study abroad as soon as possible. As of now, her ideal college choice is Florida International University (FIU). She comments, “FIU has amazing programs overseas and offers a degree in Journalism.” 
She said she is excited about the opportunity to write about anything going on in the community but would especially love to cover stories dealing with the younger generation of South Lake residents.  “I think that there are so many kids and teenagers that have stories deserving of recognition as I have seen firsthand in my own high school.” 
“I am so excited to work with the South Lake Tablet and learn more about spreading news and providing readers with notable stories.” 
She expressed her joy in getting to know the people in the community and spreading good news. Watch for Audrey’s articles on students and youths in the South Lake Tablet.
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