This is Coach Brad Lord’s first season at South Lake High School and his plan: A “Winning Year”.

The 2022 season was long and difficult and ended with no wins/10 loses.

This year promises to be more successful. 

The team boasts a very dedicated coaching staff that has a ton of coaching experience. The players are buying into the change in culture from what they have been used to in the last several years. “With player-driven leadership and hard work, we are looking to improve every Rep. If we block, tackle, execute, and take care of the ball, we will be competitive”, says Coach Lord.

Top Overall Players:

  • Jonathan Knight- Ol/DL           
  • Kevens Charles- RB       
  • DeAndre Dugazon-WR
  • Tyrese Thompson- RB             
  • Jake Billsten- OL             
  • Aidan Neal- TE/LB
  • Tyger Darden- QB/Athlete     
  • Jordan Dillon- LB/ Athlete
  • Marlon Trask –WR/ Athlete   
  • Jesse Barker- OL/DL

Returning Offensive Starters           

  • Connor Plummer- OL      
  • Alex Vila- OL
  • James Hogan-OL              
  • Jesse Barker- OL
  • Jake Billsten- OL              
  •  Jonathan Knight- TE  

Returning Defensive Starters

  • Junior Misere-DL
  • Murphy Connelly-DL
  • Marlon Trask-S
  • Malik Holman-LB

 Other Key Returning Players

  • DeAndre Dugazon-WR
  • Chris McKenna- WR
  • Jackson Warren-WR
  • Aidan Neal-TE/LB

Key Newcomers:

  • Tyson Williams- LB
  • Rome McKinnond-DB, RJ
  • Marrero-DL/OL
  • Tre Kelly-QB
  • Bryan Telemaco-DE
  • Tayshun Johnson

Key Special Teams:

  • Chris McKenna- K
  • Jason Lee- LS
  • Marlon Trask-P
  • Jackson Warren- Holder

Last year’s Top Rated High School Football Team in south Lake was Lake Minneola High School. Let’s wait and see how the upcoming season turns out. 

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