A new public parking lot planned for Clermont

In 2015 a Downtown Clermont master plan was adopted and a parking garage was listed as one of the projects that would be needed eventually.

In 2020 a parking study was completed and it was determined that additional parking would be needed if parking leases expired or properties developed.  Clermont City Council asked staff to look for potential parking garage site locations and the City council members chose the 1.67-acre site, located at Clermont City Hall, which the city already owned.

A Clermont Parking Garage Rendering FROM 2020. The expense of the Parking Garage couldn’t be justified.

The estimated cost of the 350-360 parking garage totaled $16 million.  Amenities included a rooftop /observation deck allowing street views, rooftop solar and EV charges, elevators, and architectural enhancements. With some of the amenities eliminated, the cost of the garage still totaled $13.5 million. The parking garage couldn’t be financially justified but as parking spaces got harder to find in the downtown area, a less costly idea needed to be found.

At the Tuesday, August 8, 2023 meeting, Clermont City Council approved city property between Victory Pointe and Salt Shack to pave the way for additional public parking for downtown Clermont. 
This parking area will include 113 parking spaces and a rerouting of the Clermont trail. In addition to providing parking for current and future downtown businesses, this lot will address the lack of parking at Victory Pointe and the Historic Village, as well as businesses and events.  The estimated cost of the parking lot and the realigned trail is $557,913.73 with $50,000 in contingencies. The total project cost $650,000 inclusive of design and engineering. This project will be funded solely through the Capital Project fund following a budget amendment.
The location of the parking lot may not be the perfect solution to the problem but will provide a bandage on the lack of parking in the downtown area for now.
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