The West End Market is a 7,000-square-foot building with multiple commercial occupancy uses within the building (retail). Its parking area has recently been repaved and has since been corded off by the owner.

Patrick Bianchi appeared before the council on Tuesday, August 23, to appeal the staff’s interpretation of the parking calculations of the West End Parking lot.  The staff’s calculation of the required parking is 21 parking spaces. An asterisk at the bottom of the code’s parking table indicates, “A mixed-use project is exempt from minimum parking requirements” (This code section was intended for a true mixed-use development with residential and commercial uses).

The staff position is that the West End Market is not a mixed-use development and does not have the option of not providing parking on site. The applicant’s interpretation of mixed-use conflicts with the city’s. The owner believes that the property is mixed-use and is exempt from the minimum parking requirement.  The building is currently listed as retail occupancy.

After a confusing and lengthy discussion, Bianchi offered 3 alternative:

  • The parking lot could be leased to the city for $900 a month. (Council believes the price is too high).
  • The parking lot will remain corded off and used for special events.
  • If the appeal is denied, the owner will go into litigation with the city within 30 days.

 Until the parking lot is opened to customers or the matter is resolved, the city’s citation remains in effect.

The occupants of the West End Plaza are sadly the Biggest Losers in this argument. 


Fire Station#2 

Fire Station #2, located on Hartwood Marsh, near the Publix Shopping Center,  is in desperate need of repair and expansion to meet both the current and future Fire Safety needs.

To meet these needs, the Clermont city council voted to enter into an Agreement with the First Baptist Church to purchase approximately 3.29 acres of property on Hartwood Marsh Rd, in the amount of $740,250.00.

Relocation of the station to this property will allow for the station to be built with an appropriate footprint that will allow for expanded staffing, vehicles and training capabilities that will serve its current service area as well as the anticipated needs for Wellness Way.

Completion is scheduled for the summer of 2024.

To learn more about Clermont, visit THECITYOFCLERMONT

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