Dieter receives a membership certificate from Chuck Seaver, Kiwanis of Clermont President


We, at the South Lake Tablet, have found that our community is the home of people with blended backgrounds possessing an assortment of talents, interests, and experiences. Many of these unique people go far beyond their normal, everyday routines to make life better for their families, neighbors, and friends.

Each month, the South Lake Tablet will place a “spotlight” on one of these local residents who selflessly devote time and efforts to make a positive impact on his/her community. 

This month’s community spotlight shines on Dieter Grube. Born in Germany, Dieter moved to Canada at eight years old and grew up there. He lived in Canada until 1983, when he and his wife moved to California to take over his father’s architectural plywood factory.

While in California, Dieter volunteered time at the Los Angeles Police Department’s complaint/ reception desk at the police department’s Topanga station, which is located in the San Fernando Valley. Duties included walk-in complaints from citizens, answering phone lines and any other duties that were applicable at the time. He was recognized as the police department’s Volunteer of the Year award in 2009. This was only part of Grube’s impressive resume of volunteer and community giving.

Dieter moved to the Clermont area in 2010 and wasted no time in becoming involved in helping where he was needed. One of his first volunteer adventures included the National Training Center (NTC), 1935 Don Wickham Drive, Clermont, in 2010. A time when the NTC hosted an array of events, including triathlons, neighborhood races and track & field competitions. Duties included set-up and break-down of events, assigning numbers to athletes competing in the contest, supplying nutritional and hydration needs of competitors and timekeeping of participant’s progress.

FloDash Events, 741 West Montrose Street, Clermont also caught the eye of Dieter’s interest. FloDash creates and hosts several athletic, running competitions in the area, including the Family Friendly Triathlon that was once held weekly at the Lake Louisa State Park, 7305 US-27, Clermont. Dieter was responsible for the set-up and breakdown of each race. The state park is a family-friendly park that showcases a diversity of wildlife and beautiful natural settings that include Lake Louisa itself.

With a flair for the outdoors and a niche interest in competitive running, Dieter also volunteered at Sommer Sports Events throughout the area between 2012 and 2016.  His primary responsibility was the transition area for triathlon races. The transition area is the designated area for triathletes to stash their gear, usually located next to the start and finish lines. An area where the participants hang their bikes and arrange their gear, and during the race change from their wetsuit before moving to the next phase of the race. Commonly known as a chaotic zone of the race.

Dieter Grube and Clermont Mayor Tim Murry

The Performing Arts Center on US-27 in Clermont is home to an array of theatrical performances, including the theatre’s opening day show on September 26, 2015, which included singer Darlene Love. Dieter has volunteered as an usher, among other things needed, since the opening day of the center’s gala schedule.  He now serves as head usher, among four ushers, who service two shows a month at the Center.

Dieter Grube and Clermont Councilmember Michele Barnard Pines

Dieter is currently serving as a planning and zoning commissioner for the City of Clermont’s Planning and Zoning Board. This board is responsible for the oversite of rezoning, conditional use permits, future land use projects and variances to the city’s code.

As an active member of the Kiwanis Club of Clermont, Dieter has recently volunteered to assist with the club’s Light Up Center Lake Holiday Project. A project that includes winter holiday-themed displays that encircle Center Lake, between West Avenue and 8th Streets. The lights are displayed from early December until the first of the year, after New Year’s Day. Although the decorations are only visible to the public for approximately one month, many weeks of work behind the scenes go into the functionality of the displays each year.

Dieter at Clermont Historic Village

Last but certainly not least, Dieter’s true passion seems to be with the Clermont Historical Village (CHV) Museum located at 490 West Avenue, Clermont. Becoming a member of the Historical Village eight years ago led to his participation on the board of directors, a position that he currently holds. Dieter can be seen most weekend days either conducting tours with visitors or planning the CHV’s next maintenance project. He has spent countless hours completing projects such as a recent upgrade of the historical Townsend Home door frames. The recent addition of a wheelchair ramp to the pioneer family house required that the door frames within the house be widened to accommodate wheelchair-size width. Dieter is quick to point out the “teamwork” efforts of Jim Briggs and Charley Frost when it comes to the minor repairs and upgrades at the CHV.

Dieter, a large, framed man with an even bigger smile, exhibits the true definition of community service with no expectation of a return on his gift to society. Stop by the Clermont Historical Village on any Saturday or Sunday, 1-4 p.m. and take a tour of the museum or ask to meet Dieter and thank him for his service to our great community.

(If you know of someone in the South Lake County area who quietly volunteers time and efforts to make his/her part of the world a better place, let us know.  Contact:

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