Banks Helfrich is a native Floridian and small farmer.  He built his home on a seven-acre plot of former citrus groves and created a food forest, food-bearing orchard, vineyard, vegetable garden, rainbow eucalyptus forest and pineapple/blueberry patch. 

Banks opens his seven-acre farm to the public for a “Here On The Farm” event during which time he helps to instill, educate and encourage “own-grown” foods and a holistic lifestyle. 

Here On The Farm Events

Saturday, Oct 7: Energy Panel, 9 am: Holistic modalities for balancing health and wellness.

Saturday, Oct 14: Join Banks on his 7-acre farm tour. TOUR * TASTE * TAKE 9:00 am

Saturday, Oct 21: Foraging the Farm 11 am: Seasoned farmer, Jodi, takes you on a 7-acre farm foraging adventure. Identify/explain – pick/harvest – prepare/cook – eat/enjoy edible plants.

Saturday, Oct 28: Tai Chi Flow, 9 am: Tai Chi Sifu, Sonya Dumas of Clermont Tai Chi takes you on a movement, music nature-filled experience of being one in nature.

For tickets go to: Eventbrite-Here On The Farm

      • Donate $10 to support the Farm.
      • Donate $20 to support the Farm and presenters.
      • Donate $30 to support the Farm, presenters, and similar future events.

To learn more visit about Banks Helfrich, visit  


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