The sixth-grade students at Montverde Academy visited the Oakland Nature Preserve where they put on their gardening gloves and worked together to clear out invasive plants in that area.

“Going to the sixth-grade field trip to the Oakland Nature Preserve was a great experience for me because we were clearing out the invasive species in certain areas to make room for native plants,” said Emily D’Ambrose, a sixth-grade student at MVA. “Doing this made me feel that I was doing something for the environment. I felt more connected to the earth itself, and I felt empowered when I looked at the area that had been covered in invasive species and was now perfect for growing and planting species native to Florida due to the hard work of the sixth-grade class. Overall, I thought this field trip was great, and I hope next year’s class enjoys it as much as we did.”

“It reminded me of the time when I was younger and I sat with my grandma tending to her garden,” said Kairos Guadalupe, another sixth-grade student. “It was an amazing experience. I had the chance to connect with my surroundings while helping my community. I personally enjoy nature, and I hope that the students who come next year get to experience the same.”

At the end of their day, the sixth-grade class donated their gardening gloves to the Oakland Nature Preserve, a great finish to a rewarding experience.


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