By Nichole Smith, Communications Coordinator  

November 29 through December 1, mentors met with students during their advisory period. They shared what their own experience was like when they took midterms for the first time and gave them tips on what worked for them, such as making a study guide, creating a Quizlet, and studying with friends. They even helped them understand some of the pitfalls they may want to avoid like not completing review guides, cramming the night before, or rushing through an exam. It was also a great opportunity to discuss with students the importance of academic integrity and maintaining a healthy mindset during exams.

Several sixth graders shared how the Midterm Mentorship Program has helped them immensely to prepare for what’s to come this week.

“The Midterm mentoring program has helped me set my goal high,” said Izel Lalani. “It encouraged me to feel more confident. It has taught me that success can be achieved with great time management skills. I have received guidance on being calm and preparing for the midterms without being stressed. It has greatly boosted my motivation.”

“The midterm mentoring was definitely beneficial for me,” said Anabelle Wang. “I tend to put off studying because I have trouble finding where to start, but the techniques they shared gave me something to build off of.”

“I think the midterm mentoring program was fun,” said Kendall Nailos. “Some seventh and eighth graders told us about the midterms. I was very nervous before, but now I’m confident for the midterms.”

“This program has helped me prepare for the midterm because I learned that most study guides for the midterm are very similar to the actual exam and that studying with friends is better than studying by yourself,” said Artice Bartley.

“The mentoring program helped because we know what to study and what strategies would best benefit us in the test,” said Evan Vogel.

“Better to be over-prepared and not need it than underprepared and not understanding,” said Angelica Wolfe. “The program has helped me have better study habits. I have also learned some tips, such as reviewing study guides, reading over things, and writing down what I remember.”

Megan Busby, a seventh-grade student, and Sanvhi Gandhi, an eighth-grade student, discussed why they felt compelled to give back by volunteering to serve as mentors for this program.

“I wanted to volunteer to help students get in the right frame of mind before testing so they feel prepared and confident,” said Megan. “This program is important in my opinion because it gives students a helping hand and tips to help them study and prepare themselves for what’s to come.”

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