The South Lake Eagles Football Team, fueled by their passion for both the game and the community, geared up for a different kind of challenge – not on the football field, but in the streets of their beloved town.

The initiative was simple –  “Keep Lake Beautiful.” 

The South Lake Eagles were ready to take on litter and debris scattered across the Groveland area. From Max Hooks Rd to the downtown area, the team’s mission was clear: clean up and restore the beauty of their community.

The South Lake Eagles bent down to pick up discarded items, wrappers, and other remnants of neglect, creating a sense of unity and purpose that extended far beyond the football season.

The South Lake Eagles, a squad of community champions, had tackled the challenge head-on, leaving behind a cleaner and more beautiful town.  

The football team’s dedication to its town went beyond touchdowns and victories; it’s a testament to the power of teamwork and community spirit. 

Thank you to Coach Lord and the team.  


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