By Robert Burke, EagleMUN Sponsor

From February 14-18, 20 experienced student-delegates attended the 61st iteration of the North American Invitation Model United Nations conference (NAIMUN), hosted by Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  NAIMUN is the largest student-led conference in the world.  Over 250 Georgetown students interact directly with over 3.500 upper school level delegates from over 20 countries. 

Model United Nations is an academically competitive speech/debate UN simulation.  Students compete as “delegates,” representing countries and individuals on specific topics assigned in a committee.  Conferences are hosted by collegiate teams and private organizations around the world. 

Montverde students participated in the following committees and delegations:

  • Quinn Fitzpatrick: French Minster to China: Historical Joint-Crisis Boxer Rebellion of 1899
  • Ali Cheema: Minister of Youth Sports: Contemporary Crisis Lebanese Cabinet of 2014
  • Zoha Bajwa: Chief Engineer: Historical Crisis Ming Treasure Voyages 1403
  • Kristy Khadka: Ghandhian Freedom Fighter: Historical Crisis Sidh Partition 1947
  • Jacob Novis: Ad Hoc Crisis: Bangladeshi Liberation 1971
  • Mackenzie Savage and Julianna Barbieri: South Africa Dual Delegation: 2002 World Summit for Children
  • Stellie Bobilin and Sophie Ressler: South Africa Dual Delegation: Commission on the Status of Women
  • Natalie Santos: South Africa: Special Political and Decolonization Committee
  • Camila Areinamo: South Africa: Commission on Science and Technology for Development
  • Vaasu Gadiparthi and Laven Parker: Cyprus Dual Delegation: International Organization for Migration 1975
  • Joao Pedro Fortes Ribeiro: Cyprus: Disarmament and Security Committee
  • Iman Rashid and Salma Zeidan: Cyprus Dual Delegation: Alliance of Small Island States
  • Carington Helms and Madison Casaburi: Cyprus Dual Delegation Union for the Mediterranean
  • Nicole Sanchez: Cyprus: World Trade Organization
  • Falysha Belvu: Labour Party – Charlote Nichols: British House of Commons

Falysha Belvu and Quinn Fitzpatrick both received Verbal Commendation (4th Place) in their committees.  Quinn and Falysha both received awards at NAIMUN last year as well!

While in Washington, DC, the EagleMUN team took advantage of the opportunity to visit the National Mall and Arlington National Cemetery.  While in Arlington, EagleMUN Secretariat (officers) participated in a wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

NAIMUN marks the end of the traveling season for EagleMUN delegates.  EagleMUN witnessed one of it’s largest years!  45 different students contributed to 60 participations at KnightMUN (UCF), GatorMUN (UF), and NAIMUN (DC).  EagleMUN expects to attend the same conferences next year.

“NAIMUN was definitely an unforgettable experience as it opened me up to all kinds of possibilities and topics that I never knew about,” said Julianna Barbieri, grade 9. “I saw a lot of creativity in other competitors that helped me strive to do the same.”

“NAIMUN was an incredible experience!” said Kristy Khadka, grade 11. “I loved that it allowed me to explore D.C. and connect with people from across the country and even the world. My committee was so exciting and unique, and I learned so much!”

The season is not over!  On April 6th, EAGLEMUN II will be hosted on the MVA campus from 8-4.  This in-house, one-day conference is open to all upper school and 8th grade students!  Last year, 20 8th grade students participated.  This year, we expect to have nearly 60 students across five committees! 

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