The Ray Goodgame $1,000 scholarship honors exceptional students in the South Lake area who serve as champions for our community. The honoree embodies the essence of excellence and leadership.

Megan Gerwig of South Lake High School is a student who has consistently demonstrated outstanding achievement throughout her academic career, maintaining a remarkable 4.57 GPA and earning prestigious academic awards, including recognition in the top 10 percentile of her class. 

Megan’s leadership shines brightly through her extracurricular activities, notably serving in critical roles within the Student Government and Future Business Leaders of America. 

In addition to her academic and leadership accomplishments, Megan has dedicated countless hours to community service, demonstrating a profound commitment to making a difference beyond the school walls.

Megan has showcased versatility and dedication on the athletic field and in the arts. As a varsity swim and tennis team member, Megan has excelled as an athlete and displayed admirable leadership qualities as team captain. Her involvement in fine arts programs further highlights her passion for creativity and expression. 

Looking ahead, Megan’s aspirations for the future are nothing short of inspiring. With plans to attend Florida State University and pursue a degree in political science and a career in political lobbying for healthcare organizations, she is poised to continue her journey of service and leadership, advocating for causes that are close to her heart. 

Congratulations to Megan Gerwig of South Lake High School for her outstanding achievements and unwavering dedication to leadership and service.

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