MONTVERDE – In an age where technology is all around us, the importance of coding skills cannot be overstated. From science to business, proficiency in coding opens doors to a multitude of opportunities.

Montverde Academy students who are enrolled in the Middle School robotics course are introduced to coding through the use of Sphero robots, colorful spherical gadgets equipped with advanced programming capabilities. These robots come with a variety of activities that students can access on their iPads to learn how to block code. Block coding involves learning how to code through visual representation that simplifies complex coding languages into colorful blocks, thus providing an accessible framework for text-based coding down the road.

“Right now, we are trying to make sure everybody is good at coding and understands the basics,” said Mr. Sawyer Beltz, the Middle School robotics teacher, “so we have students run through the beginner lessons, including driving the ball around the room and coding it to do different things.”

Unlike traditional classroom settings where resources are limited, MVA students have the luxury of customizing their learning experience. Each student has access to their own Sphero robot and iPad, allowing them to progress at their own pace.

“In today’s world, you’re almost always going to have to deal with some type of computer software,” continued Mr. Beltz. “Learning to code and work with computers has many benefits for students in college and in the workforce. Starting now while they’re young and being eased into is going to be beneficial.”

The vision extends beyond the confines of the classroom. This summer, MVA is offering a summer robotics camp, where students from ages 7 to 13 will have the opportunity to delve deeper into coding and robotics. Through a variety of hands-on challenges, campers will enhance their skills, laying the foundation for a future fueled by innovation and technological advancement.

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