Last week, Montverde Academy Upper School welcomed faculty, students, and parents to the 2024 National Honor Society induction ceremony to formally recognize students who successfully completed their candidacy and were selected by faculty to become new members of the Montverde Academy chapter of the NHS.

This ceremony serves as a reminder of the Academy’s standard of excellence that students are charged with maintaining as members of the nation’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious student recognition program.

The Montverde Academy chapter is proud to have been inducting new members since 2003. Throughout the year, members of our chapter serve as role models for other students. In addition to the strong academic records that established their eligibility for membership, MVA chapter members are leaders in many student organizations and serve their school and community.

MVA welcomes the following students into the National Honor Society:

Oliver Anderson  

Anna Laura Samuel Andrade  

Luiza Aranda  

Skyler Barnaby  

Kaden Bedard  

Nishchay Bhattarai  

Victor Guimarães Bicalho

Isabella Brito 

Diego Brito  

Isabella Caltagirone  

Christopher Cardwell     

Jayden Chan  

Ali Cheema  

Jiawei Chen

Estefanía González Cintron  

Riley Davison  

Enzo De Felicio  

Barbara De Jesus  

Paolo De Fabrique  

Titus DeClercq  

Ariana Delgado  

Nathan Diaz  

John Drawdy  

Sara Echavarria  

Maria Clara Ferreira   

Elena Friedman  

Vaasu Gadiparthi  

Curtis Givens   

Marisol Gonzalez  

Adriana Gonzalez   

Daphne Gunasekera  

Elliott Gunasekera  

Selma Haddad  

Holland Harris   

Carington Helms  

Taylor Hill  

Tatriana Hinds  

Adaejah Hodge  

Jizelle Holland 

Jana Huet  

Mckalah Johnson  

Alex Juhnke 

Sam Juhnke  

Sadie Kapsokavathis  

Aaron Kaufman  

Alessandro Kelly  

Jonathan Kidd 

Zac Knight  

Noah Lacroix  

Jadyn Langley  

Sarah Laster 

Halahn Lee  

Eris Lester 

Leon Liu  

Angela Liu 

Ilia Lukinov  

Sebastian Martin  

Isobel McMillen 

Charlotte Newton  

Lucas Paez  

Mason Pandov 

Isabella Parra  

Enrico Penha  

Angel Pernia  

Marisha Pirani  

Willa Polen  

Tyler Price  


Mehek Zara Rahman  

Kaylia Ramcheran  

Colby Reish   

Lyder Reksten  

Nybia Rivera-Álvarez  

Nicolas Rocha  

Zoe Russo  

Christopher Russo  

Jaxon Safford  

Madison Saint Louis  

Aria Sallin  

Joaquin Sanchez 

Nicole Sanchez  

Noah Sari  

Koryn Scott 

Natalie Santos Silva  

Christina Stankova 

Donald Steward  

Michael Steward  

Ty Stone  

Michelle Su  

Leila Susaia  

José Tati  

Jason Tejada-Chancay   

Addyson Thomas  

Adam Townsend  

Andrew Velazquez  

Shaan Verma  

Hayden Violette  

Emma Vodden 

Malayna Wang  

Ting Yuk Cobi Wu

Zihao Zhang  



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