To foster economic growth and expand industrial infrastructure, Lake County Commissioners recently voted the sale of 26.46 acres of county-owned land within the Christopher C. Ford Commerce Park in Groveland. The transaction, valued at $5 million, marks a significant step towards maximizing the region’s potential as a hub for industrial activity.

The land was purchased by the county in the 1980s following catastrophic freezes that wiped out the citrus industry in the area. The county purchased the land to develop an industrial park. 

The Commerce Park, near the crossroads of State Road 19 and Florida’s Turnpike, boasts a diverse array of companies including Kroger-Ocado, Domino’s Distribution Center, Metals USA, Carroll Fulmer Trucking, Peri Formwork Systems and Lake Apopka Gas.

As Groveland expands, housing is needed to accommodate those working in the area. 

Approved / Proposed / Coming to Groveland

  • Blue Springs Reserve, located on the south side of SR19- 1 mile from the Florida turnpike and US 27, offers approximately 100 townhome lots.
  • Brighthill –  a mix of single-family, bungalows, townhomes and a village commercial core, located northwest of the interchange of State Road 19 and Florida’s Turnpike in Groveland in south Lake County.  Groveland’s Village allows for six units per acre, and includes three zoning districts. These include a more intense Village Core and some commercial property:  A Village Center, which features townhomes and cottage homes, and a Village Edge, with single-family detached lots. The Village Edge is where the largest lot sizes are designated
  • Cypress Bluff, located near the turnpike.  203 lots of mixed bungalows and single-family homes  
  • The Grove At Groveland – Approximately 320 multi-family units and 10 Townhomes on 22 (+/-) acres
  • GROVELAND SQUARE – Proposed site development plan for a mixed-use development that includes commercial, multi-family and single-family.
  • The Island at Cherry Lake Village– 181 residential lots with various lot sizes, along with commercial uses.
  • Peachtree Hills – 455 single-family and townhomes along Dewey Robbins Road. It is to have three distinct neighborhoods with a mix of live-work units, 24-foot-wide townhomes, bungalow homes on 45-foot lots, garden homes on 60-foot lots and estate homes on 65-foot lots.
  • Rainwood – 437 single-family, townhomes, and live and work units.
  • Waterside Pointe Townhomes – 70 townhome lots.

LOTS MORE TRAFFIC, LOTS MORE PEOPLE:  With all this growth, the city, county, and state need to provide the needed roads, schools, affordable housing, and developed infrastructure for rapid growth in South Lake County.



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