Easter Mass 1968

Pictures and Article submitted by Bill Barth

The 101st Airborne/Airmobile Combat Infantry Division, Company C/2/501 is holding its reunion this year in Clermont April 9 – 11, at the lake residence of Willie Montgomery, retired Post Master.

The participants are from all over the United States. Out of 93 original soldiers in the Company in Vietnam, there are now a mere 7 that will join in the reunion this year. Most all the soldiers range from 76-81 in age. The remaining living soldiers cannot travel for personal or family health reasons.

Waiting for a Ride Home

The C/2/501 was one of the Division’s combat units. They were, as a company and to the individuals, highly decorated. They participated in numerous battles and attacked many enemies in Vietnam. 

LT Gen Jack Cushman

The Company, Charlie 2nd of the 501st took heavy causalities during their tour from December 1967 to March of 1969. In April and May 1968, they lost 36 KIA (killed in action) out of 96, and in 12 months lost 54 KIA – 50 WIA’s (wounded in action).

The men at the reunion served 12 months in combat and ranked from Captain’s to Sergeant’s. A true Band of Brothers

They are a true living history of the Vietnam War.


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