submitted by Coach Brandon Kari

April 8 – Foundation Academy’s Beach Volleyball team played against TFA on Monday afternoon at Gamepoint Sports Complex.  Line 4 of Madelyn V. And Lilly W. Won their second match in a row with a great display of placement and control of the match.  The rest of the girls worked hard and showed moments of brilliance but ultimately came up short.  They continue to improve as pairs and are continuing to work out their chemistry with their partners as they prepare for the district tournament in a little over a week.  Their next match will be against Real Life Christian at Foundations Academy’s Tilden Campus. Foundation – 1 / TFA -3


April 4 – Foundation Academy’s Beach Volleyball team played an amazing match Thursday afternoon against Ocoee High School.  The Lions won all of their matches in straight sets.  Line 4 of Madelyn V. and Lilly W. had a breakthrough match winning in two straight sets.  All of the girls are becoming more comfortable with their individual styles of play as they prepare for districts in a couple of weeks.  Line 2 of Lily G. and Amelia D., Line 3 of Lilly B. and Hailey L., as well as Line 1 of Kaitlyn H. and Haley H. all had phenomenal matches.  The girls face off against TFA on Monday the 8th at Gamepoint.
Foundation – 4 / Ocoee – 0


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