GROVELAND – A transformative state road project in Groveland will begin construction four years sooner than originally planned, setting a course for big improvements ahead!
The FDOT-lead project will reroute 2.1 miles of S.R. 50 to the north of Groveland’s downtown to help remove a significant amount of heavy traffic from the area. The project will also connect two sections of the Florida Coast-to-Coast trail, enhancing the South Lake Trail and recreational features. The realignment is part of Groveland’s strategic plan to redevelop its downtown area.  
The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), elected officials, and local partners kicked off the forthcoming plans for State Road (S.R.) 50 in Groveland by starting the demolition of two abandoned buildings in the area within the limits of the project. The kickoff event, held Friday, April 19, was led by FDOT and the city of Groveland to commemorate the accelerated plans for the realignment of State Road 50 from County Road (C.R.) 565 to Brown Street. The FDOT-led project will realign S.R. 50 to the north of downtown Groveland to help remove a significant amount of heavy traffic from the downtown area.
Groveland City Council
Construction for this project was originally scheduled to begin 2030, but FDOT, leaders from Groveland, Lake County, Lake-Sumter MPO, and state elected officials agreed to move the construction to 2026. “Like any project spearheaded by FDOT, we are community-focused. Understanding the great impact this project will have on the City of Groveland, and Lake County as a whole, we knew this work needed to happen sooner rather than later,” said FDOT District Five Secretary John E. Tyler, P.E. “Realigning State Road 50 fulfills FDOT’s mission of improving communities, moving people and goods while enhancing safety. We’re proud to work with our partners to make this happen.” 
The project will renew and reimage Downtown Groveland.
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