By Sophia Youngs, NJHS Historian, Class of ’28

MVA’s National Junior Honor Society hosted the first food drive of the 2023-24 school year. As part of our longstanding partnership with Buses N’ Backpacks, the food drive, named Food 4 Fuel, collected items such as soups, snacks, and condiments from March 25 to April 5.

Our goal was to raise 850 items, and we surpassed it by donating a total of 962 items:

  • Sixth grade: 333 items
  • Seventh grade: 270 items
  • Eighth grade: 359 items

To motivate students to join the drive, we offered them an award of dessert if they reached their goal. Additionally, the grade level that brought in the most items was able to use the Middle School gym the following Friday.

Meera Patel, the President of NJHS, said, “I wanted to be a part of the food drive to help people in need and the community around me.”

A current member of NJHS, Ella Demarest, said, “I really like that there were certain goals that we were trying to achieve, and I love the feeling of helping the people around me.”

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