The Little Gem, a 1965 Airstream trailer, has found new life and purpose thanks to the vision of Jayson Stringfellow, the developer behind the Clermont Artwalk project.

The story of The Little Gem began when Stringfellow discovered the vintage trailer abandoned in the back woods of the Umatilla Fern Farm. Determined to create a space that reflects the creative and local spirit of Clermont, Stringfellow embarked on an extensive renovation project. Over the past seven months, the trailer has been meticulously transformed into a stylish food truck venue, with all work carried out in Lake County.

Jayson described the renovation process in detail: “First, we had the trailer hauled to Clermont by Traverse Group, the same contractors who worked on the downtown brick streets. It was gutted completely down to the frame and skin. South Lake Electric then roughed in the electrical work, and Bill’s A/C handled the air conditioning lines. Suncoast Insulation blew in foam insulation, ensuring the space is comfortable year-round. Finally, RJ Dauhn Aircraft from Fruitland Park helped with the interior skinning, using stainless steel.”

Once the renovation was complete, The Little Gem was transported to its permanent home, connected to utilities, and fitted with a stainless steel skirt. To enhance the dining experience, a commercial shade structure was added, providing a comfortable outdoor space for patrons to enjoy.

Jayson Stringfellow’s dedication to preserving the local character and creative spirit of Clermont is evident in every detail of this project. “We wanted to stay true to a creative-driven theme for downtown and keep everything local,” Stringfellow explained. 

The Little Gem will be the home of a new food truck that promises to bring a fresh-air, dining experience to Clermont. (More information to follow soon).

Residents and visitors are encouraged to stop by and see The Little Gem for themselves. Located right behind Roasted Spirits on the Art Walk in Downtown Clermont, this new addition is sure to become a beloved part of the community. Whether you’re looking for a delicious meal or simply want to admire the craftsmanship and vision that went into this renovation, The Little Gem is a must-visit destination.


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