As the school year comes to a close and summer begins, Lake County is stepping up to ensure that all children in need receive nutritious meals during the break. This summer, designated feeding sites across the Lake County area will be offering free breakfast and lunches to children who require them. The program is designed to alleviate food insecurity and provide a balanced diet to kids who might otherwise miss out on essential nutrition during the summer months.

These feeding sites are part of a larger initiative aimed at combating childhood hunger and ensuring that every child in the community has access to healthy meals. The program is open to all children and teens aged 18 and under, with no registration or proof of income required. This ensures that the process is simple and accessible for all families in need.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to take advantage of these resources and ensure that their children remain healthy and well-nourished throughout the summer break. For more information or to find the nearest feeding site, families can contact the Lake County School District’s Nutrition Services at (555) 678-9012 or visit their website at

By providing these essential services, Lake County demonstrates its commitment to the well-being of its youngest residents, ensuring that no child goes hungry during the summer months.

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