Coach Lord with Gator's Coach Billy Napier.
The early morning was punctuated by the low hum of the chartered bus engine as it idled in front of South Lake High School. At 4:30 am, Coach Lord and forty-nine South Lake High School Football team players, known as the Eagles, embarked on an exciting journey. With sleepy eyes, the Coach and his players boarded the bus, ready to travel through the Southeast, visiting some of the most prestigious universities in the region.
At Mack Brown UNC Camp Chapel Hill

Their first destination was Georgia Tech. They participated in a series of drills and scrimmages, getting a taste of the intensity and discipline required at the collegiate level. 

At the University of South Carolina with Bryan Thomas JR- Former player of Coach Lord.

From Georgia Tech, the Eagles headed to the University of South Carolina. Here, they faced new challenges and learned new football techniques. 

The next stop was North Carolina State. The Wolfpack coaching staff provided invaluable insights, leaving the Eagles inspired and more cohesive as a unit.

Coach Lord with Tar Heels Head Coach Mack Brown

At the University of North Carolina, the Eagles experienced the rich history and tradition of Tar Heels football.

With Former Player Ian Garcia at Mercer University

At Mercer University, the Eagles fine-tuned their strategies and strengthened their teamwork.

The University of Florida was a highlight of the trip. Known for its fierce football culture, the Gators’ facilities and training sessions were inspiring. 

The final leg of the journey brought the Eagles to the University of Central Florida for the 7-on-7 and padded lineman camp. This was the culmination of their tour, a chance to put everything they had learned into practice.

As the bus headed back to South Lake High School, the players reflected on their incredible journey. The trip had not only been a major success but that would jumpstart their summer workouts and set the foundation for a victorious season ahead.

The Eagles returned home not just as better athletes, but as a stronger, more united team, ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.

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