Jullian Powell (Building Blocks Ministries), Toni Bell and Michelle Delaney (Beta Theta)

It’s Not Too Late To Donate

Building Blocks Ministries, a beacon of hope and empowerment for adults with developmental disabilities, recently received a donation of shoes for their shoe drive. Michelle Delaney and Toni Bell, members of Beta Theta-ESA, visited the facility to deliver two very large bags of shoes; shoes collected through the tireless efforts of Beta Theta members and their friends. 

Building Blocks is dedicated to empowering adults with developmental disabilities to dream, believe in themselves, and engage in training programs that support their individual achievements.

This mission resonates deeply with Dr. Whetro, who earned her PhD in Clinical Christian Counseling in 2005. Her journey in the field of developmental disabilities revealed a crucial need for a training program that could provide the encouragement and support necessary for these individuals to thrive.

Dr. Whetro’s vision has come to life through Building Blocks Ministries, a place where lives are truly built and transformed. The organization’s focus on “building lives” encompasses not only the practical skills and training provided but also the emotional and psychological empowerment that enables individuals to believe in their potential and pursue their dreams.


Jullian Powell (Building Blocks), Toni Bell (Beta Theta) and Paula Whetro (Building Blocks)

In addition to the shoe drive, Beta Theta members have also participated in the “Cans for Cash” initiative to support Building Blocks Ministries. This creative endeavor involved collecting cans and flip tops, which were then traded for cash. The funds raised, amounting to over $30, was used to purchase peanut butter and jelly for the summer lunch program at Faith Neighborhood Center. This initiative underscores the importance of community involvement and the difference that collective efforts can make.

The shoe drive is set to continue until Friday, June 21, so there is still time for those who wish to contribute. Used shoes can be brought to Building Blocks Ministries, where they will be put to good use, in addition to helping to further the mission of empowering adults with developmental disabilities.

Building Blocks Ministries’ new facility is located at 644 Gadson St., Groveland.  Telephone #352-536-9264. Learn more, visit their website at BUILDING BLOCKS

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