Minneola Library Rendering

The Minneola City Council recently approved the journey which marks a significant commitment to enhancing public resources and community engagement.

This endeavor involves repurposing the existing schoolhouse library to better complement its surrounding area. This move ensures that the library’s facilities align seamlessly with modern educational needs and community expectations.

Minneola Library Rendering

Funding for this ambitious project received a substantial boost through three library impact fee grants, amounting to an impressive $1,000,000. This financial support is earmarked specifically for the construction and renovation of the new Minneola Library, located at the former site of the old city hall and public works buildings. The total estimated project cost, including furnishings, equipment, and books, is projected at $1,600,000. To bridge the remaining financial gap, the city is committed to covering the difference through cash allocations.

Powell Studio Architecture was selected to spearhead the design of the new Minneola Library.  Located at 713 W. Montrose St., Clermont, Powell Studio Architecture has been instrumental in various local projects, including the 50 West office building, Clermont’s Meet in the Middle initiative, and Montverde Academy Updates. Their collaborative approach and attention to detail ensure that the new Minneola Library will not only meet but exceed the community’s expectations for a modern, welcoming educational hub.

The Minneola Library project is poised to generate community pride and educational excellence. It represents a bold investment in Minneola’s future, promising to enrich the lives of residents and visitors alike. 

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