At Clermont’s Artwalk in historic downtown Clermont visitors can view a new mural, thanks to the support of Lakeridge Winery. This project will beautify the art walk landscape and foster community spirit through creativity and interaction.

Set against the backdrop of the Downtown Clermont Art Walk, the mural promises to be a centerpiece of cultural appreciation. Residents have witnessed the transformation of a blank wall into a canvas of color and expression.

Jayson Stringfellow, the creature of the local art walk scene, praised Lakeridge Winery’s dedication, stating, “I can’t say enough about the generosity and commitment Lakeridge has shown”.  This sentiment underscores Lakeridge Winery’s role not only as a producer of fine wines but also as a cornerstone of community engagement and support.

Adding a unique touch to the mural’s unveiling are custom-made wine barrels, recently delivered to the site. With these barrels, the mural is set to reach new heights, blending visual artistry with the craftsmanship that Lakeridge Winery is renowned for.

by the Art League
Clermont Artwalk mural now completed and beautiful

Through the Downtown Clermont artwalk project, murals will leave an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Clermont.

As you walk along the artwalk, you can view thirty bronze plaques placed along the entire brick walkway between West Montrose and West Minneola Streets in Downtown Clermont. The plaques were dedicated by individuals, organizations, and families wanting to recognize and honor a member or an individual who served the community. 

The honorees on the Eastside of the Art walkway include Ann Dupee, Richard H. Bell, Marvin ‘Pappy’ Boykin, Bonnie Homan Ray, George Edward Hovis, J.M. Vander Meer, Willie Montgomery, Wolfe Family, McLean Family, George and Lillian Karst, Richard Langley, Gene, Mary & The Langley Family, The Pool Family, and the Oswalt Family.

The honorees on the Westside of the Art walkway include Ray Goodgame, Gail L. Ash, Diane Travis, Timothy Bates, Jim Pervis, The Kron Family, Chris Smith, Ryan Stringfellow, Troy Stackhouse, Lawrence Rescoe, Jane R. Hartge, Suzanna Hartge, Lester Cole, and Paul Rountree.

The Wave, located at 755 W Minneola Ave., has recently celebrated its first month at the Artwalk (Call 352-978-8016 or read more by clicking on THE WAVE

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