Other than just an enjoyable gathering of Rotarians and guests, each week the South Lake Rotary Club hosts a different speaker to learn more about the community, culture, and programs.

On Tuesday, April 10th, the club met Marissa Bates from the American Heart Association. Marissa educated the club on CPR programs and kits that she works to get into each school in the South East region. Teaching 6th graders and up CPR increases the possibility of saving someone’s life immensely should a cardiac event happen in public or at home.

If you would like to be a part of a Rotary meeting and their community involvement, join the South Lake Rotary at IHOP on highway 27 in Clermont. They meet on Tuesdays at noon, with the exception of the first Tuesday each month when they meet at 6 pm. You can also visit their Facebook page or SouthLakeRotary.com for more information.


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