Showing off the Newly Refurbished City Building (L-R) Groveland Police Chief Shawn Ramsey, Fire Chief Willie Morgan, Deputy Chief of Police Armando Loney, and City Manager Michael Hein

Groveland is the fastest-growing city in Lake County. The city’s population went from 8,729 in 2010 to 11,528 in 2015, an increase of 32 percent.

With Groveland’s growing population comes the need for the city to secure additional office space. The city located a space formerly occupied by Timeless Boutique, an upscale resale store, located at 101 East Broad Street. In less than 3-weeks, Groveland’s Public Services staff were able to transform the building into a rather “chic” office facility.

Dustin and Clinton Lowe, Lake Catherine Blueberries, and Groveland Fire Chief Willie Morgan relax in the newly refurbished conference room.

The building was painted, varnished, and furnished with all repurposed furniture.  “Very little physical improvements were made and the city accomplished the task with the least possible burden to the taxpayers”, said City Manager Michael Hein. “I’m thrilled about the effort many of our co-workers put forth to make this a reality”.

Virginia Wright, Groveland City Clerk and Amanda Perez in the freshly painted office.

The city will lease the building for the next few years while the new Public Safety complex is constructed. The move will provide the room needed to operate efficiently until the complex is completed and Community Development can relocate. The newly refurbished building will also be the home of Groveland’s Finance Department, City Clerk, and Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Director once that person is chosen. The offices will be fully operational by Wednesday, May 23.

The City Manager said that he is going to take up a workstation at the window in the building from time to time. Drop by and say Hi.

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