The second full drill year for the Clermont Battalion, U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps began in August with 14 new cadets joining our ranks.  Most cadets who completed last season’s Drill year went off to some exciting summer training throughout the US.  Cadets from the Clermont Battalion attended Recruit training (boot camp), Leadership Academies, Aeronautical specialty training, Basic and Advanced Medical Training, Scuba training and many more.

All totaled, cadets from Clermont spent 255 days at summer training, and averaging 12 hours of training a day, these young men and women spent more than 1,700 hours learning new skills which they can now bring back to our community and our Battalion.

New cadets coming on board will have the opportunity to attend winter training available during the Christmas vacation school break.  We are currently accepting applications for interviews and January induction of our Fall enrollment period.  Cadets must pass a Physical Readiness Test and have at least a C+ grade average.

The cadets are locally funded and rely on contributions to provide uniforms and local training and our Color Guard during the year.  The Navy underwrites most of the advanced training costs which take place over the summer and winter.

For further information, please visit Clermont Battalion web site:, check out their Facebook Page at: for information on our next interview date, contact our Personnel Officer

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