Fred Sommer

Sommer’s Gardens is a homegrown, Florida Licensed Nursery that specializes in hybrid Brugmansia (Angel Trumpets).

In the mid 80’s, back-to-back freezes forever changed the landscape of Florida. Sommer Gardens suffered great losses, nearly all of its living plant inventory was destroyed. Fred Sommer closed his retail garden center, sold his landscaping and lawn maintenance service and concentrated on running, triathlons and fitness. His new business, Sommer Sports, thrived.

Nevertheless, Fred, a noteworthy photographer, has never lost his passion for gardening.  He remains very active organizing runs and triathlons but has turned a lot of his attention to cultivating and hybridizing Brugmansia and expanding his nursery.


Sommer’s Garden’s collection includes more than 120 named varieties, collected from all over the world. Sommer’s Gardens has an aggressive hybridizing program in place, with more than 8,000 unique Brugmansia seedlings being grown for evaluation.

Fred Sommers is the guest speaker at the Clermont Garden Club on September 19 at 10 am.

Clermont Garden Club meetings are held at Clermont Garden Club’s Clubhouse, 849 West Avenue,  Clermont.  Meetings begin at 10 am.  New members and guests are warmly welcomed.  For more information about the Clermont Garden Club, go to:


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