Pause To Remember 9/11

    by Michelle Delaney

    Today Marks the Anniversary of The 9/11 Attacks

    It may have been 17 years ago but I remember the day as if it were yesterday. I was heading to work on I-4 after a meeting in Orlando when I heard the breaking news report on the radio. Other drivers must have also heard the news because traffic came to a halt nearly immediately. It was as if no one actually knew where to go or what to do next.  I looked into the window of the driver next to me and she looked as dazed as I must have.

    As quickly as the traffic had stopped, it started again and everyone went about their business.  Later I would think of that morning and reflect that it reminded me of the spirit of the American people. We may falter but never break. The spirit of Americans drives forward.

    My husband Bill worked on the construction of the Trade Center.  He’d say he worked above the clouds and the buildings was so high that it would rain 6-7 floors below the level he was working on.  Each of the men that worked on the Towers had a great sense of pride in what they did and what was accomplished. He still grieves for the loss of the Towers as well as the people inside their walls.

    I returned to the site where the Twin Towers had once been. I found an overwhelming feeling of reverence, sadness, and profound hope.

    The tragedy of 17 years ago should never be forgotten. Today we should pause to remember that horrific day,  then drive forward with a stronger vision and purpose of what we have and what we should never allow taken from us.

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