Clermont City Council Member Diane Travis throws the ceremonial first pitch to the Augustana College catcher at the Spring Games.

Diane Travis is a person of many interests and talents.  She is a businesswoman, athlete, and political figure. Diane has owned Travis Realty Group since 2010, been on the Clermont City Council since 2014, and involved in many boards and committees. She is also a driven competitor and athlete and currently running for Clermont City Council.

Diane Travis

There is no doubt that Diane is busy but graciously gave me the time to get to know a little about “Diane”, the multi-talented person who has traveled 10,000 miles to Australia to compete in the Adelaide ITU Duathlon World Championships.


TABLET:  Where were you born and raised? 

DIANE: I was born and raised in the great city of Chicago, southwest side.

TABLET:  Tell me about growing up in the Chicago!

Diane: I went to an all-girls Catholic High School named Lourdes. My first job while in high school was in retail.

TABLET: And after high school?

Diane: I was 18 when I began working for Johnson and Johnson. I went to college at night and was reimbursed by the company if I passed the courses in my chosen field, Accounting. I passed!

After 7 years with that great company, I got married and we were transferred to Dallas TX. I worked and went to night school at the University of Texas at Arlington. After two years in Texas, we transferred back to Chicago where I finished my BA degree at Governors State University. And then, guess what! another transfer to Eden Prairie, MN. The last transfer was to Orlando in 1987.

TABLET: When/Why did you move to Clermont? 

DIANE: We were avid water skiers and the Windermere chain of lakes were so low you couldn’t get your boat through the canals. Someone told us about Clermont so we hauled our ski boat over to Lake Susan Lodge and toured the Chain of Lakes. We couldn’t believe how beautiful it was, so we started looking at property. We looked by water and land to find what we thought was our perfect spot. We built one of the first homes across the street from Palisades golf course. Of course, at that time, which was 1989, it was just an old orange grove. But the realtor told us a golf course was going in so we bought the land in 1990 and built our home in 1992.

TABLET:  It sounds like your interest in Real Estate began in Clermont? 

 DIANE: I received my real estate license in 1994 and was only part-time because I owned my own telecommunication business. However, I had so many athlete friends that wanted to be out in Clermont on the water so I worked with them to find them their perfect home. In 2000, we retired our company and I started doing real estate full time, just in time for the boom! In 2003, I managed a couple of offices for Stirling Sotheby’s International real estate before opening my own business in May of 2010.

TABLET: When did you discover your love of sports?

DIANE: I played varsity volleyball in high school and lots of racquetball in Chicago and Minnesota for many years becoming the state champion. I also played a lot of racquetball when first moving to Orlando (it’s a great way to meet new people when you are new to an area). I was also a recreational runner and cyclist at that time. After moving to Clermont, the cycling and running became more prevalent. There were and are so many races here to participate in.

TABLET: Tell me your fondest memory since you have lived in Clermont. 

DIANE: There are so many fond memories here, but in the days Lake Susan Lodge was open, it was really fun going over at night on the boat. Also ranking right up there was what we called family night. My neighbor had a huge pontoon boat and on Sunday evenings, we would all pile on, relax and tour the lakes.

Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening of Victory Pointe

TABLET: What is most important to you? 

DIANE: It is important for me to see Clermont grow in a way that is safe and fun for all, young and old. I think we are doing just that.  We are lucky to have one of the best police and fire departments and our recreational facilities, trails, and lakes are second to none. I want Clermont to be a vibrant, thriving city that is also business friendly.

TABLET: Who is your favorite superhero? Why? 

DIANE: My superheroes are our great men and women on our Police and Fire departments. They risk their lives every day to keep us safe.

TABLET: Is there anything that you’d like to share with the readers? 

DIANE: I am honored to have been on the council for the last 4 years and hope to have another 2 years to finish what has been started in the Masterplan. I have lived and worked in this great city for 26 years and I am proud to say we are the Choice of Champions!

Thank you Diane.

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