Clermont City Hall

Clermont City Council recently approved the city’s 2019 budget. The millage rate remains the same, 4.2061, which is the rate used for the past three years. The city-wide budget is $148.8 million, which is $7.3 less than the current year. The citywide budget is lower than in 2018 due to the completion of the Victory Pointe Project.

Included in the budget is funding for School Resource Officers (SROs) for Clermont’s elementary schools (Clermont Elementary, Cypress Ridge Elementary, Lost Lake Elementary, and South Lake Imagine Charter). The City is funding THE SROs for the balance of this year and probably next year. Councilman Ray Goodgame remarked that the State Legislature passed the requirement to have school guards, but then failed to fund them. His opinion, “It’s time for some new people in Tallahassee”.

Many local businesses have complained about the fire fee. The City will pull the fee and work toward getting a plan that does not penalize businesses. Councilman Goodgame explained that State law requires all business buildings to be inspected once a year, which requires two full-time employees.

Representatives of Cooper Memorial Library had asked that the city fund the cost of extending operating hours at the library. The budget will include this funding.

The next Clermont City Council meeting is Tuesday, September 25, at 6:30 pm. See your elected officials at work. To view the current agenda, visit  Clermont Council Agenda.




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