An envelope containing a threatening message and a white, powdery substance that is believed to be harmless was delivered to Groveland Elementary School late this afternoon.

The incident was immediately reported to authorities. The Groveland Police Department; fire departments from Groveland, Minneola and Lake County, and the Lake County hazmat team responded. The immediate area was quarantined, and three Groveland police officers and three school employees were detained until the substance could be tested.

Preliminary tests came back negative for any biological threat, Groveland Police Chief Shawn Ramsey said.

The envelope and substance will be forwarded to federal authorities who will take over the investigation.

Most students had already left for the day when the incident was reported, but a few remained in an after-school program held in a separate building waiting for parents to arrive. They were not exposed to the envelope.

The message inside the envelope was unsigned. No suspect has been identified.

Anyone with information about the delivery should contact law enforcement.

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