Darren Johnson, owner of Clemont Brewing Company

Darren and Karen Johnson are no strangers to Clermont. Darren has lived in Clermont for 25 years. His wife Karen (maiden name McGuire) has lived in Clermont her entire life. The two are also very familiar with the restaurant/ bar business. Darren’s has worked for over  35 years is planning mega-events (parties) for the Fortune 500. Moreover, the couple has owned and operated three bars/restaurants, one in Clermont called the Clermont Pier House from 2000-2005.

A few years ago, they purchased a building on DeSoto St. in downtown Clermont with the idea of using it as an event venue.  After several months of planning, they realized the building was in too bad of shape to make it work financially.

The building was demolishedand plans were made for on a new building, where people would come for fun, food, and entertainment.

The Clermont Brewing Company is close to completion and should be opening the first quarter of the new year.  Personally, I hope the opening will take place on St. Patrick’s Day.

I’ll let Darren describe the new venue.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/TjcCUGK9C20″ /]