Moving On Down The Highway (A Year End Letter Filled With Hope)

    by Michelle Delaney,

    The year is coming to an end and many people take this time to reflect upon the past year.

    No one can say they understand or how they will react to what life throws at them. Everyone responds differently to emotions such as grief, anger, loss, loneliness, disappointments.  Some individuals need a friend to guide them through the hard times and some need to figure it out themselves. Regardless, everybody should recognize when they need help or when to try and help a person who is hurting.

    My friend, who lost her husband of over 50 years, sent me a note reflecting on her experiences during 2018. She agreed to let me share the note but did not want to be identified, except as a friend.

    The content was filled with faith, hope and a belief that The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow. 


    This year certainly didn’t start out like I would have dreamt. My husband was in and out of the hospital, diagnosed with brain cancer and passed away in April.  The void that his passing left has been devastating at times, but I soon realized that sitting around mourning was not going to bring him back.  After delving into the financial world that he took care of for fifty years and absolutely lost at times, I realized that I could spend a little money so, in August, I bought a 25-foot motorhome, joined a women’s RVing group, and started traveling around Florida going to monthly rallies.  I am planning to take longer trips around the country next year. I have met some great new friends, I even found a cruising friend and we are going to start the new year by traveling to places that begin with “A”, Argentina and Antartica in January!

    I have my condo on the beach and enjoy my time in that vacation paradise too!  I still have some figuring out to do and I realize that will take time (which I have a lot of lately).  If my RV shows up in your driveway, don’t be surprised, I’m getting more and more adventurous!

    I hope your holiday is happy and healthy and 2019 will be a great year for all of us!

                                                                        Love, your friend

     No matter what this year holds in store for us, we are all in it together. Help those in need and seek help when needed. Make the world a better place.

     Let’s begin the year with Love, Compassion, Tolerance, a clear mind, and no hangovers.

    Happy New Year

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