Florida Lakes Symphony

The Florida Lakes Symphony Orchestra will welcome guest conductor Aldert Vermeulen

Aldert Vermeulen – Conductor

Vermeulen arrives from the Netherlands for this very personal and intimate new concert. Vermeulen is the conductor of the Amsterdam Opera. He was a personal friend of the composer Guy Saint-Clair, when Guy and his wife Audrey Sanders, were living in Holland.

Invited to perform as piano soloist for this concert will be the young Sten Heinoja coming here from Tallinn, Estonia. Sten is a regular soloist with the FLSO.

Pianist Sten Heinoja

 “Ballade in Blue” Concert – Gala Season 14 Finale: Romance and mystery will shroud the first half of this program as we begin with Guy Saint-Clair’s arrangement of “Aquarium” by Saint-Saens from the “Carnival of the Animals”.  This will be followed by “Phoenix Rising”, a mini piano concerto in three movements celebrating renewal and life before “Mysterious Isles”. Both are original compositions. “Onedin Line” is Guy Saint-Clair’s arrangement from Cosma’s work created expressly for British television.  “Ballade in Blue” will be the signature piece of the concert. The second half of this program will be one of exciting musical flurry celebrating Hungarian Dances arranged by Guy Saint-Clair, while being interspersed with his originals. The entire concert will be a mix of romance and passion. It will be a tribute to the late composer and pianist Guy Saint-Clair, the beloved FLSO founder.

Concert Series Performances: The Thursday, April 25 concert will be held at the Epiphany Celebration Anglican Church, located at 1724 South Bay Street / Route 19 North, Eustis. https://epiphanycelebration.org/. The Friday, April 26 Concert will be held at the Family Christian Center, located at 2500 South US Highway 27 at the corner of Steve’s Road in Clermont. https://www.fcclive.com/.  All Florida Lakes Symphony Orchestra concerts begin at 7:30 pm.

Symphony History: Internationally respected classical concert pianist/composer Guy Saint-Clair and his wife, portrait/wildlife artist Audrey Sanders came here to Lake County from their European home in 2005. They quickly established the Florida Lakes Symphony Orchestra as a formidable new cultural force here in Central Florida. Made up of more than 60 professional musicians from all over the world, the Florida Lakes Symphony Orchestra is the resident professional orchestra of Lake County, Florida with an established reputation for musical excellence. Now celebrating their 14th season, the Florida Lakes Symphony Orchestra remains a professional symphony of immense talent and perseverance, for which the media has proudly proclaimed them as “small-town charm with world-class music!” Details for the 15thSeason Concert Series will soon be announced.

 Florida Lakes Symphony Orchestra: Concert tickets are only $42 in advance and $45 at the door. Students are only $15 and accompanying parents/teachers are $25. Group tickets are available. For tickets, sponsorship opportunities and more information, call352-589-1500 and visit:www.FloridaLakesSymphonyOrchestra.com.